Myolsd is an online portal designed for students and staff of olentangy school district in order to access the various applications of the system. It provides a secure access to District system and online tools. The users can log into the portal and get avail the benefits like schoology, PowerSchool, Discovery Education, Google Drive, e.t.c., and BrainPop for elementary and middle school only.

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OLSD Login is available on the portal named and an alternative to the same can be found on the link
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myOLSD Students Login

  • Primarily, students can access Myolsd Login through the website
  • You will redirected to the following URL :
  • Once you’ve visited the webpage you’ll have two options listed : Login to My OLSD or Sign In Using LaunchPad .
  • Choose Appropriate Login method in either of the options
  • As a student, you will have to log into the website on a regular basis. Therefore, it is recommended for you to bookmark My OLSD Login page.
  • This online portal can be accessible from different browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
    Note you can also perform the validation check to verify the browser compatibility on
  • But, you should make sure that you’re turning off the pop up blocker in the browser settings in order to be able to use the different functionalities.

MyOLSD Helpline

Students and registered staff can able to access the portal by logging into My OLSD online portal to get access to the resources. Those who are having issues to access My olsd secure login can refer to MyOLSD Help Guide Located Here : . This help guide is providing instructions about how to make use of the resources very effectively. It offers a range of topics that included browser check, student log in reports, about programming myOLSD apps, login and user name issues, about changing the password, and launchpad browser extension issues, and more.

Myolsd Student and Staff Resources

Through MyOLSD Login portal, students and staff utilize available resources in the classroom that included Microsoft Office suite, Gizmos, Schoology, Newsela, Google Apps, Discovery Education, Google Cultural Institute, InfOhio, PebbleGo, Khan Academy, Culture Grams, Nat Geo, and Nat Geo Kids.


Myolsd Schoology is the web based learning management system which connects the people content, and systems that fuel education.

Google Apps

It is also offering a complete suite of Google Apps to its students and staff. The core services are included Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drive, Sites, and Slides

Microsoft Office Suite

It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sway


Olentology school district is also providing an online comprehensive math and science tools that has an extensive manipulation of variables and what-if experimentations, visualization, and graphing tools that help to capture and compare results from experiments

Discovery Education

Myolsd Discovery Education offers a digital media content that is immersive, engaging, and brings the world into the classroom. It automatically helps to every students to experience the fascinating people, places, and events


Newsela is a collection of nonfiction articles that builds reading comprehension through real-time assessments, leveled articles, and actionable insights


It is providing materials from Pre-K to grade 3 databse for reading and research.

Culture Grams

Basically, Culture Grams is playing a key role in providing the resources for native recipes, interviews, cultural and statistical country reports, photos, and videos


It creates a digital content library classroom where Ohio’s Pre-K students, their parents, and their teachers can able to access a variety of content and sources

Nat Geo and Nat Geo Kids

It explores the world through the providing of books, games, magazines, apps, videos, toys, events, and a website.

Math In Focus

Math In Focus is an online math curriculum in which math learning and thoughts can be taught based on a real world and hands-on experiences.

Khan Academy

Specifically, Khan Academy providing a personalized learning dashboard, instructional videos, and practice exercises that empower the learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom in history, math, science, computer programming, economics, and more.

Google Cultural Institute

It lets to access the students to explore the arts and cultural collections from around the world.

Myolsd Schoology

Schoology is a learning management system which includes learning applications utilized by Olentangy to design lessons, create engaging content, and assess student understanding.

Olentangy has been implemented Schoology with the goal of providing best learning system. Accordingly, this online digital classroom can be used by students and their parents at anytime and from anywhere. It can be allowed to access the curricular materials and information on upcoming assignments or events. Schoology embedded with a simple interface so it’s easy to learn and access related information on any device which should have an internet connection.

My olsd Schoology learning management system is a great place to access all curriculum materials, work, assessments, and more. It strives to engage the students and encourages the deeper learning. It helps the teachers to save time, enabling them to focus on their students, and the learning experience. It is also improving the quality of interaction between students, administrators, educators, and other stake holders. Schoology promotes the student engagement, increases efficiency, and enhances lessons.

MyOLSD PowerSchool

My olsd PowerSchool tool is a web based information system wherein students can access a full range of information including their grades, schedules, and attendance information.

Olentangy Power Up

Olentangy School District fosters the students who are from 5th to 12th grades can bring their own devices to school. During the school days as well as at home, it is recommended to use the technology for supporting the learning process. With the introduction of Power Up program into Olentangy district school, teachers will have the opportunity to prepare the students for future skills that they need to learn effectively.